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Taking a Step Back with Muzzleloading Shooting…

By: Susana Gano Morton
Kansas Muzzleloading Association, president

            Of all the shooting disciplines, black powder is unarguably the most technically primitive and basic, however most black powder shooters will resoundingly respond that this step back in time is a huge amount of the appeal of the sport.  We may not shoot as far or as fast as some of the modern guns, but you would be hard pressed to meet a more passionate and educated shooter than one who practices this art of antiquity!  It is difficult to embrace and cultivate the proper equipment and skills without exposure to a wealth of knowledge and history.

            Unlike some of the other shooting sports, black powder is a classification unto itself, encompassing diverse methodologies within the broad description of “black powder”.   Kansas hosts muzzleloading pistol, rifle, shotgun and black powder cartridges shoots on a regular basis through local clubs and state organizations such as the Kansas Muzzleloading Association (  Because of the unique ability to create specific and varied loads with nearly every shot, black powder is effortlessly tailored to fit every age and size category.   From burly men to little girls, muzzleloading provides everyone with an effective and satisfying medium for both hunting and competitive shooting.

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